Do you love Whataburger?

If you're a Texan, of course you do. And the good news this week is that Whataburger had two locations in Lubbock inspected this week- and they both passed with flying colors.

  • Whataburger at 8226 University
  • Whataburger at 7201 Quaker

I'll take a Green Chili Double, please.


Two other restaurants passed their health inspections with flying colors as well.

  • Chili’s Grill & Bar at 5805 Slide
  • Short & Sweets Bakery at 2610 Salem Ave.

Since Short & Sweets Bakery is a locally owned bakery, let's take a deeper look at what they have to offer, besides a pristine kitchen.

Short & Sweets Bakery is located inside the incredibly charming Cactus Alley Courtyard- a wonderful place to grab a perfectly prepared cafe latte from Gold Stripe, pick up some candles or crystals from Tumbleweed Botanicals and visit many other great shops and services.

Short & Sweets has been in Cactus Alley since August 2019, and managed to survive being a brand new business right when COVID hit in earnest. That takes a remarkable amount of grit and determination- and of course, an amazing product that people want.

In addition to offering cakes, cookies, and other baked goods, Short & Sweets also offers cookie classes, during which participants can learn how to transform a plain cookie into a work of edible art.

Want to know which restaurants did a less-than-stellar job on their inspection?

Head over to Food For Thought to find out which restaurants needed improvement and what they did to fix the problem.

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