Texas barbeque is a beautiful thing. It stands out among all other types of 'que by being smoky and slow-cooked (usually with a dry rub), and emphasizing brisket and sausage- although we are masters of everything from beef ribs to pork belly.

Although it may seem like Texas has barbeque down to a science, every true Texan knows that BBQ is an art. Imparting the perfect flavor, texture, and aesthetics to the meat requires the dedication and love of a culinary artist.


So how do Texans know when a particular pit is going to be absolutely "fire"? I asked some true Texans how they could tell. Some of the folks who answered are professionals who are in the business, and others are folks who follow their hearts (and noses) to the place that's giving every sign it's going to be great.

BBQ Truths: Texans Reveal How They Know A Place Has Great Barbeque

How do Texans know the BBQ is going to be good? I asked around and found out the answers. They range from truly professional opinions, to hilariously accurate "folk" answers.

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