To help keep Texans prepared for weather events, violent storms, and even hurricanes, the state is having a sales tax holiday for essential emergency and prepping items like generators, flashlights, and first aid kits.

Here are a couple of preparation items that qualify for next weekend's tax exemptions:

-Generators that retail for less than $3000

-Emergency ladders and hurricane shutters that retail under $300

-Axes, batteries, can openers, carbon monoxide detectors, coolers, ice chests, fire extinguishers, first aid kids, fuel containers, hatchets, anchors/tie downs, ice products, portable light sources, cell phone batteries and chargers, portable/two-way radios, smoke detectors, and plastic sheeting/tarps under $75.

Here is a list of items that are NOT included during the tax-free weekend:

-Face masks

-Cleaning supplies 


-Toilet paper

-Batteries for cars, boats, or other vehicles

-Camping stove

-Campy supplies


-Extension ladders


-Extension ladders AND step ladders

-Camping tents, or any other tents

-Replacement parts for old prep supplies.

-Any services performed to repair old prep supplies

If you are planning on ordering things online, it's important to remember that delivery, shipping and handling, and also transportation are part of the sales price and will still be an additional cost. According to KSAT, if the emergency supplies is taxable, the delivery charge is also taxable.

Don't forget to stock up on extra emergency supplies in Texas this weekend! For more information on tax-free weekends, check out this article by KSAT.

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