This is one of my favorite concert films ever. It's not the best quality, but when I first got to see it, it was a bootleg as well. It's worth the wonky quality to just see all of this legendary talent kick it out on stage.  For those of you not in the know, the band was basically known for having Layne Staley of Alice in Chains on vocals and Mike McCreedy of Pearl Jam on guitar. Not to be dismissed are the contributions of Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin and Bassist John Baker Saunders (and occasional backup vocals from Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees).  More after the jump.


The band didn't do too many live shows or appearances, and you'd never have any idea.  The guys just get together and make magic.  I was amazed to find the entire "Live At The Moore" show on YouTube, as well as a few of the single videos. What these videos lack in quality really make up for in magic.  Very few people are even aware that the "Live At The Moore" show exists.  This is Layne, Mike & John fresh out of rehab (I don't know if they were clean or not, but  Mike and John  did meet in rehab).  Here's some trivia for you to; the band was originally named "The Gacy Bunch".


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