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Hey kid, someone told me you like it heavy, dark, and loud. Luckily for you, I have something to show you at the back of Jake's Sports Cafe (5025 50th Street).

Flesh Hoarder will headline a metal show on Friday, April 23rd with Warhead Wrex, an "aggressive rhythm-based metal band." The show will also feature local support from Worst Case Scenario and Sleep When We're Dead.

Here's a little more background from the show's promoter, in case you don't already have a Flesh Hoarder album on the shelf:

Mike De Leon, the guitarist, is also the guitarist for Phillip H Anselmo and the illegals. Basically filling dimebags shoes when they play a Vulgar Display of Pantera. He's a buddy of mine and Im glad he's coming back to Lubbock to play. Flesh Hoarder and Warhead Wrex are both Austin bands. Love the local support and glad to be back with live shows at jakes!

I, too, am very grateful for the return of live shows at Jake's Backroom. Most music is best live, but I feel like any genre of metal is particularly better in the...flesh.

Here are some of Flesh Hoarder's track titles, which remind me of everyone's favorite Cannibal Corpse, who I saw at, you guessed it, Jake's Backroom. Well, songs that I can actually include in this article, anyway: "Tortured Beyond the Grave," "Hogtied and Deep Fried" and "Burnt, Scraped, Dumped."

And my favorite: "Abuse of a Corpse (Instrumental)." The "(Instrumental)" makes my heart smile.

Tickets are available at Lubbock's only independent record store, Ralph's Records at 82nd & Indiana, or at the door.

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