On Friday, October 3, 2014, Flyleaf returned to Lubbock following a long two-year absence. This was the first stop of their new U.S. Fall Tour in support of the new album "Between The Stars," as well as our first chance to see new lead singer Kristen May in action.

This band from Temple, Texas is definitely back on track and breaking loose. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening especially the half hour I had to visit with this band from my home town; the night was one to remember.

The show was opened by Lullwater, an up-and-coming band out of Athens, Ga. This band is definitely on my radar for a return trip. The guys sounded great, tore it up and were a blast to hang out with after the show.


Now some of you might be wondering why these photos are so late surfacing. Well, it all goes back to July when we adopted a one-week-old abandoned alley cat that my wife decided to rescue.

I don't know why she could not have just left the lost blind kitten for nature to take care of, but we now have an evil kitten named Zeus, that likes to play hockey with anything left on my dresser or the counter top.

When my first media disc turned up missing, I was at a total loss as to what could have happened to it. When a second media disc also disappeared, I was even more dumbfounded.

Last week, I walked into the room just in time to see Zeus playing hockey with yet a third media disc. As I watched his shot score a perfect goal down the backside of the dresser and mirror, I suddenly realized that I was not as forgetful as I thought I had been.  When I pulled the mirror back and looked down, to my great relief, I found the missing media discs!  Have I said that I hate cats?

Here are the photos from both bands, as well as crowd shots and some meet-n-greet photos. Were you up front? If so take a look, you might find yourself.

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