As Michael Corleone says in The Godfather III, "Just when I thought I was out, they PULL ME BACK IN!".

I told my friends on the down low that the 42nd FMX Birthday Bash with Papa Roach was going to be the last Birthday Bash. I still think it might now be a bad idea to put the whole concept to bed and move on to something else.

I/we feel certain responsibilities with the FMX Birthday Bash. We want it to be a PARTY, but part of that party relied on working with one specific promoter who was willing to fund a few station extras to make the event special. Then, we got a couple of bookings that were special in themselves with KoRn/Evenesce and Papa Roach/Spiritbox.

The problem with calling something "The FMX Birthday Bash" is that our name is tied tightly with it, so in addition to it being a special show, we want to make sure everyone is treated right. We ask questions about ticket prices, whether can we throw out shirts, whether will we be able to do an onstage announcement and a few other things. Then there's the fact that you could end up tying yourself to a band, then one of the members pulls some dumb crap on social media or on stage and the radio station looks like jerks for associating themselves with them.

It all seems easier to just promote the shows and keep our distance. I don't think it would mean fewer shows, just a little less of that FMX peanut butter on the artist's jelly. So what do you do when you get a phone call out of the blue about a band that's almost too big for Lubbock who wants to do something very special near your actual birthday? The answer is, call it, "The 43rd FMX Birthday Bash".

We certainly hope this show confirms whether it's the 'Bash or not. If it's confirmed it will be in early 2024 and be an incredibly special show that some people will travel from all over the U.S. to see right here in Lubbock. Stay posted.

41st FMX Birthday Bash Pictures

40th FMX Birthday Bash

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