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Oh boy, this is a fun one.

We asked 94.5 FMX listeners to share stories of the wildest things they've ever seen at a concert, and it's definitely the kind of stuff your parents wouldn't want to hear about.

Thanks to everyone for your input. We chose a few of our favorites to share. These are pretty hilarious and a couple of them are rather disturbing.

If you'd like to add a crazy story to our list, comment below or on the FMX Facebook page. Enjoy!

"Chino singing to a pair of tiddyz" - Ari Nunez

"Tits and ass competition leading up to Pantera rocking the Fairpark in 1997" - Jordan McEwen

"I've seen lots of crazy things at concerts but I'd have to say the worst was at a Ratt concert at the Amarillo Civic Center. 2 dumb asses got in a fight by the stage and before security could get to them, one of the guys pulled out a knife and cut the other guy's nose completely off. A couple of cops arrested the guy with the knife while other cops were telling everyone to move out of the way so they could look for the guy's nose while paramedics were working on the victim to try and get the bleeding under control. The nose was found." - Chris Volden

"Back in the mid-80s, I watched a guy get his throat slit and die at a Ratt concert. It was terrifying and heartbreaking. I found out later that it was his cousin that did it." - Errin Rudkins

"So far, I’ve learned to stay away from Ratt concerts" - Sandra Hollaway (DUDE, RIGHT?)

"About 2-3 songs into the set, watching Matt Pike of High on Fire puke on stage and a few people near the stage at Jake’s." - Lj Sanchez

"Robert Plant 1988 Lubbock Coliseum. When the coliseum still had general admission/no seats on the floor. A guy in a wheelchair was getting crushed against the barrier in front of the stage. Plant noticed and between songs had the house lights brought up, and had security guys lift this guy up, wheelchair and all, over the barrier. After having the guy rescued the house lights went down and the show resumed. I thought “Now there’s a guy who has seen some crazy stuff during Zeppelin shows and knows how to handle something like that.” - Michael X-Ray Corbin

"Drum stick/Pantera. If you know, you know." - Melissa Culbertson

"Insane clown posse I was 12 my parents didn't know about the clowns. My dad went with me he was cracking up saying I love you son but you listen to weird shit!" - Gary Hudson

"Once saw a guy waving his prosthetic leg and hopping around at Disturbed." - John Lowry

"I was on stage and saw a guy fall from the balcony and onto the people on the floor at the Villa Fontana." - Ledezma Lethal Legends

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