2011 was a big year for new music for rock. Killer bands made the big jump and are now becoming house hold names on the rock front. From AWOLNATION to My Darkest Days to others, 2011 was a big year in rock. Check out our list of breakthrough artists of 2011 and tell us who you think should get top honors for this year. Now stop reading and check out the finalists.

  • Another Day Undecided


    They're they only local band you'll find on the list but we freakin' love their song "Waitress." Great stuff from the boys from the Hub City and we expect big things out of these guys. Keep an eye and ear out for em.

  • Art of Dying

    Get Thru This

    A killer sound and even killer name goes to Art of Dying and their big hit in 2011 with "Get Thru This." The band is already touring heavily and we hope they roll back through Lubbock in 2012. 2012 should be a dynamite year for the boys in Art of Dying.



    This could quite possibly be the biggest song of 2011. AWOLNATION released "Sail" and took the world by storm. It's one of the most requested songs on FMX and we expect big things from AWOL in 2012. We just can't stop listening to "Sail" though.

  • Emphatic


    This was our song of the summer at FMX. We couldn't stop listening to Emphatic's "Bounce." We kind of obsessed over it. The boys from Emphatic should find a lot of radio play in the future if they keep cranking out tunes like this one.

  • My Darkest Days

    Porn Star Dancing

    We couldn't get enough of My Darkest Days and their song "Porn Star Dancing." It's easily one of our favorite songs from their album released late in 2010 and in general. We played it so much that the Heathen started turning it on just so he could dance.