New AWOLNATION Song Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) DROPS
"Sail" may go down as one of the most unexpected hits ever. The visit from AWOLNATION to Lubbock was also an epic event in our music history. The band is putting the finishing touches on a new album and have dropped a single and video in advance.
Steve Perry Set To Work With AWOLNATION
Former Journey frontman Steve Perry hasn't been featured on an album in years, but Aaron Bruno, lead singer of AWOLNATION, has hinted at the fact that the two are working together after sparking up a friendship.
2013-a banner year for shows
I have been noticing  people posting a lot of negative comments about living in Lubbock about how we always get the same old shows and there isn't anything to do, blah blah blah. As February comes to an end, I am reminded that we still have 10 months left in the year and a whole bunch of c…
FMX’s 2011 Breakthrough Artist of the Year – Vote Now
2011 was a big year for new music for rock. Killer bands made the big jump and are now becoming house hold names on the rock front. From AWOLNATION to My Darkest Days to others, 2011 was a big year in rock. Check out our list of breakthrough artists of 2011 and tell us who you think should get top h…
Check Out AWOLNATION on a Video Game Trailer [VIDEO]
An old school football game called "NFL Blitz" is coming back after almost ten years. I can see why it's been ten years. Unless the game is a billion times better than this trailer, maybe it should be another ten. AWOLNATION even does the song in the trailer and it's not …

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