I have been noticing  people posting a lot of negative comments about living in Lubbock about how we always get the same old shows and there isn't anything to do, blah blah blah. As February comes to an end, I am reminded that we still have 10 months left in the year and a whole bunch of concerts finally coming to Lubbock.

I am not here to try to sway your opinion about our city our the lack of things to do here in Lubbock , I am here to say it's your fault that your so bored.

2013 will be a year to remember for the concerts that will be in town right in your backyard. I mean Volbeat is will finally be here on March 11th and Awolnation on March 8th. 2 bands that have never been in Lubbock before and will give Lubbock what they have wanted with seeing them live.

On April 21st Lubbock will see its first rock festival with the "KFMX Big Purple Party" with 21 bands that covers the entire music genre game.

Local music is all over Lubbock with at least 2-3 different shows happening every week from The Spoon to Jake's and The DDOB.

Now I know times are tough and some people can't make it to every show, but does that mean you have to complain and bring others down because you can't make a show?


Driver keeps you informed every weekday with FMX Stagez so there really isn't a excuse to complain and say that you bored.

2013 will be the year of concerts here in Lubbock and this is only the beginning. to the people that support the music scene in Lubbock, know that there isn't a scene without you. To the people that only complain that there isn't anything to do in Lubbock, I have a feeling that if you were in a major city like Dallas or Chicago you would still complain.

I hope to see yall at whatever show you can make it to right here in Lubbock, Texas.