This is the worst part of any fanbase: Idiots with spray paint.

(Update: The below post was removed from Instagram, but we managed to take a screenshot of it before that happened.)

Texas Tech fans create offensive sign about Houston Cougars

In what world is this an acceptable thought process? I get jokes, but this isn't even funny.

To call back to a terrible tragedy that happened just last season, when there are multiple players from Houston on Texas Tech's own roster, is unbelievably stupid. There was loss of life during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and there are people being evacuated all up and down the east coast right now with unknown devastation already taking place due to Hurricane Florence.

This is a terrible representation of the Double T and a downright disgrace to be associated with. Lubbock, Texas Tech and Red Raiders nationwide should be ashamed of this sign and these jackwagons in the photo.

These guys clearly are not striving for honor.

Not only is this a black eye on the university, but it dulls a big win for the Texas Tech football team over the Houston Cougars.

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