Time sure does fly when you're having fun doesn't it? Seems like summer break just started and now it's nearly over and back to school shopping time is upon us.

All summer long we have watched gas prices go up and down. We were lucky enough to see prices drop for July 4th weekend then they shot right back up, and now just when everyone is out looking for shoes, backpack, and lavender 3 prong folders with pockets the price of gas has begun to come back down.

As I out and about this morning I noticed the Wal-Mart at Marsha Sharp and Ave. Q was down to $3.46 a gallon. This still seems pretty freaking high to me but a hell of a lot better than $3.65.

Have any of you seen it for less here in town, if so let your brothers and sisters in rock know right here

Be safe out there guys.