Things seemed to get "Hotter Than Hell" when Gene Simmons and his longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed appeared on the Today Show yesterday leading many to speculate that Shannon has finally had her fill of Gene's "Crazy Nights."

The "Hard Luck Woman" and the "Unholy" rock god were clearly at odds during the interview over photos in which Gene was captured being a "Creature of the Night" with some "Flaming Youth," perhaps offering to show them his "Love Gun."

Whatever the case "Dr. Love" had obviously pushed Shannon close to the point of wanting to "Shout it Out Loud" that she had finally taken her last "Rocket Ride" with Gene and was ready to for go any more "Thrills in the Night" with him.

When asked if about the future Shannon responded by saying viewers would have to tune into the couple's reality show "The Family Jewels" to see if her "I was Made for Loving You" attitude would turn into a "Nothing to Lose" attitude with a "Psycho Circus" outcome.

Check out the interview and let me know what you think, was this an "Unmasked" "Destroyer" episode in their lives or a well thought out "Sonic Boom" to stir up interest in their TV show.