How many of you have seen the video of the cop that pepper sprayed sitting occupy protesters in California? I'm going to leave the actual politics out of this and just go with the fact that this dude must be a total douche bag to behave the way he did.


Regardless of what the protesters did or didn't do, at the point that this guy was spraying them they were kneeling, not fighting back or resisting and he just walked up and down the line spring them with pepper spray like he was watering his yard or something.

His casual arrogance while spraying people has really ticked Americans off and people have take to the internet to show their disapproval and to show how stupid they think this guy is, check out this page with hundreds of pictures of this asshead defending the world against potentially dangerous thugs.

Check out the video of the guy spraying the protesters and notice how he looks like he is just watering a garden then check out the website that shows us how lucky we as Americans are to have a guy like this to protect us from all the evil just lurking around in the world.


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