Gordon Ramsay is known for his rants and this particular one has been turned into a heavy metal song. YouTuber Andre Antunes has matched up one of the famous chef's rants perfectly to his guitar riffs.

This episode of Hell's Kitchen just got a whole lot more metal. According to Guitar World, Andre Andres is absolutely perfect at matching guitar riffs to the cadence of people's voices, and that goes for Gordon Ramsay.

YouTuber Andres Antunes has over 540,000 subscribers on his channel and the video itself, which was just posted less than two weeks ago, has over 155,000 views. Here are some of the "lyrics" so you can sing along:

"You're too dangerous to have on service," barks the chef. "I asked you what you're doing and you say you're starting tomatoes, are you fuck? You dirty pig. Get out! Get out! Yeah right aye you come here you. Why, what's going through your mind now? You still gonna fucking butcher me and slice me and serve shit to them? No chef! Where's your fight man. It's here chef. Where is it? I've got it chef! Then wake up your donut! Yes chef!"

Gordon Ramsay Rant Goes Heavy Metal

Andres has also synced videos of him playing the guitar to videos of people screaming about McDonald's ice cream machine being broken, freaking out on an airplane and even a howler monkey howling.

Some of the YouTuber's most popular videos include him playing guitar alongside his washing machine (which has over nine million views) and a video called 'Karen Metal' which has over five million views. Somehow, it all fits together flawlessly. Check out more of his works via his YouTube channel.

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