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Black Sabbath Scores a Number One Debut [VIDEO]
It's been 43 years since Black Sabbath released their self-titled album and "Paranoid" (both came out in 1970). Now, over FOUR DECADES, later they've finally scored a number on album in the U.S. The highest they've ever reached before this album was #8 when "Master Of Reality" hit in 1971.
Ultimate Album collection #5
I was not old enough for Black Sabbath's "Paranoid".  I would have been about 8 when it came out. I can't remember how I got turned onto this harbinger of all things metal to come, but it still stands the test of time.  More after the jump.
Check Out “Vilfy” From David Draiman’s Device [AUDIO]
The latest from Device as leaked!  Are you ready for David Draiman's latest project? It's more of an industrial offering but it definitely will make and Disturbed fan happy.  I personally think it rocks and can't wait until we get sent a copy (we need one that is "f word" free).  Check it out after the jump.
Avatar-Smells Like A Freakshow [VIDEO]
Avatar's back, and I don't know the whole story. There, I admitted it. I can tell you that we have a new song we're playing on FMX called "Smells Like A Freakshow". When I went to the net I was only able to find you a different version of the song. More after the jump.
Dragonforce Shreds For Capital One Commercial [VIDEO]
I guess I'm going to get myself in trouble again. I suppose I'm the only one who remembers that near the end of the 80's, metal went into the crapper. Not only was it taken over by guys with too much makeup, it was filled with countless boring shredding for no good reason except to show off the guitarists skills. Now, Dragonforce is going to go one better by not only showing off some pointless sol

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