Yes there is a website called and it espouses the benefits of legalizing the ability of women to go topless, wherever they want. Thank you internet. I personally agree %100 that if a woman wants to go topless in public she should be able to the same as guys can. Obviously there are no shirt no shoes no service rules that still apply, but if momma wants to mow the front yard with her girls catching the breeze, then I say why not? So in true American fashion they are staging a nationwide protest called "Go Topless Day" and its THIS SUNDAY! Get ready girls because is your shot to speak up for your rights and stand up for women's equality everywhere. This could be the most important day since women's suffrage passed back in the 1920's or whatevers. So far the only Texas city lined up is Austin where, AWESOMELY, it's already legal for women to go topless. Come on Texas, catch up to your capital and support our women's right to let 'em fly. Since they won't be wearing bras either they could use all the support we can give and I for one am the first in line to offer mine! So hit up their website and show your support this Sunday by whipping 'em out and sharing them with the world! Thank you and God bless the boob.

And make sure to make plans for their 2 million boob march in 2012. I'm figuring they will need at least 1 1/2 million women to reach their goal for that one.

And I'm not one to rock the women's rights boat so I won't even mention that this is a movement started by a man, who apparently got his inspiration from his UFO encounters in 1973. I'm starting to think that aliens may not be the evil body snatching world conquerors the movies want us to believe they are. They love boobs too! Nice.

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