For all you basketball fans who are already missing live hoops action, this story is for you. In Iowa this past weekend 8 teams of lovely lady's over the age of 50 hit the hardwood playing in the Iowa Senior Olympics in "Granny Basketball."

Check out the rules these ladies have to follow in the games....

1.  A team consists of two guards, two forwards, and one or two centers, all of whom  remain in their designated court. The coach may play if otherwise qualified.
2.  The floor is divided into three courts.
3.  No running or jumping.  (Hurrying is allowed).
4.  Two dribbles per possession per player.
5.  No physical contact.
6.  Alternate possession after tie-ups.
7.  A game consists of 8 minute quarters  with a continuous clock.
8.  One time out per team per quarter
7.  Three fouls only are allowed. Players are disqualified after the third foul.
8.  3 points are scored for underhand shots; 2 points for other field goals; 1 point for free throws.
9.  No upper arms or legs may be revealed.
10. In case of a tie after regulation play, an additional 4 minute period is played. Each team is allowed one time out during the overtime period.

In addition to playing by "old school rules" they wear vintage uniforms from the 1920's, that means bloomers, stockings or tights covering the legs, and the optional dustcap or bow.

Check out the website and look at the pictures... I wonder if mama Nowitzki has considered playing?


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