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The brand new Thornhill's Pharmacy is family owned and now open here in Lubbock, at 6823 82nd Street (near Pontiac). It offers so much of what you want in a pharmacy.

We spoke with Lacey Thornhill, who told us that they're proud to offer individual personalized service. They enjoy slowing down a little and taking time with their customers.

One of the important services they offer is synchronizing customer's medications and organizing their prescriptions into 'fill packs,' which are designed for specific needs at no additional charge.

"We are the only ones that offer same-day-in-Lubbock compounding. A lot of others have it compounded at other locations," Lacey Thornhill said, adding that compounding laws will be changing soon and they're ready.

The pharmacy also offers a drive-thru, immunizations, and free local delivery. They also boast veterinary compounding for your pets, and can add some pet-friendly flavors to prescriptions. If your pet is fussy about taking medication, this is a great idea.

Soon, the front of the store will be filled with items to shop, including over-the-counter medication and locally-crafted gift shop items.

They have owned and operated Shallowater Pharmacy since 2017, and soon will be changing its name to Thornhill's Pharmacy. You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

Congratulations, and welcome to Lubbock, Thornhill's Pharmacy.

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