The Funny or Die team isn’t taking it easy after their win at the 2011 Webby Awards. The humor site has been hard at work creating ‘Hanks Aficionado,’ a three-page web magazine parody all about legendary actor Tom Hanks. Hanks has become something of an internet darling lately thanks to his cheeky tweets (all signed “Hanx”) and rapping son Chet Haze.

The infinitely talented star of ‘Big’ and ‘Cast Away’ isn’t just the subject of the publication, FoD also imagines him as its cocky editor-in-chief. Hanks’ letter from the editor in the inaugural issue declares, “I could kill a man and nobody would care.” Some of the hilarious coverlines sadly don’t exist as full articles (we’d read ”An exclusive interview with Wilson” in a minute), but there is a preview for next month’s swimsuit issue, which we hope becomes a reality.

See the full cover below:


Hanks Aficionado

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