via Happy's Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea, & Smoothies
via Happy's Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea, & Smoothies

Happy's Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea, & Smoothies (1708 50th St) is phasing out their paper punch card rewards program in favor of a digital rewards system. If you have a punch card, with even just one punch, you can turn it in before May 31 for a sweet treat. Neat! I dug through my wallet and found one- needless to say I was very excited.


Transition to our digital loyalty reward system, which means, no more keeping up with punch cards!! All we need is a phone number and you can start earning points as a bubble buddy!

As far as those old punch cards go, now until May 31st we will offer FREE shaved ice or bubble blends for all turned in punch cards. This is how it will work:

Any punch cards with 5 punches or below (yes, even 1 punch) will receive up to a free 16oz bubble blend or 16oz shaved ice.

Any punch cards with 6 punches or more will receive up to a free 32oz bubble blend or 32oz shaved ice!

We will have a widget until the official app is completed. Here, you can check your points, and just for joining the app receive a free joining gift, birthday gift, and special promotions!


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