Learn this lesson well, gamers — when a great game comes out that everyone gushes over, don’t buy it.

Just forget about the flavor of the week and hold tight as revelers keep shelling out dough for downloadable add-ons as the months pass. Eventually, if the game is good enough, it will come out again in Game of the Year edition form, with all previously-released DLC in tow.

Batman: Arkham City is the latest to hold form, coming out May 29 in a Game of the Year Edition that adds a mission that features the Joker’s groupie-in-chief Harley Quinn coming after Batman for revenge. You also get the animated movie Batman: Year One and all of the paid DLC that’s been released.

The game drops May 29. You can pick it up and brag to your friends that you paid nowhere near what they did for a far better version of the game than they own.

[Via G4TV]