I HATED "turn-based" role-playing games.  I know a lot of people loved the early Final Fantasy type games when you threw a spell during your turn and it did "x' amount of points of damage, then the monster did something and did 'z' amount of damage to you. I thought they sucked, and now I'm hooked on what is just a slightly bigger version of those type of games.  More after the jump.

The game is Marvel: Avengers Alliance.  You're an agent basically with a utility belt of weapons, potions, cures, poisons and so on and you control yourself, Iron Man and Hawkeye through turn based fighting against various Marvel baddies.  Along the way you can upgrade your players, or recruit new heros.  It's really that simple, but much like a dungeon game, the hero's have different "classes' and fight better against some villains rather than others.  The fun comes in the various match ups.  There are some fights where even a kickass upgraded Iron Man sucks, and a lame superhero like Ms. Marvel whoops ass.

In addition to fighting through the game, you can also fight other players.  Like all Facebook games, you can play forever for free, but you can buy all kinds of upgrades that speed up your process or allow you to play some extra missions.

If you're interested in the game (and upwards of 5-7 million people are), you can check it out here, but watch out for Agent White Choc, I'll lay a whoopin' on you!  Oh, and send me some unstable Isotope 8 or some energy.