Human Foosball Is Cool
Think back if you will to when you were a teenager, to a time when you would hang out in game rooms for hours with your friends playing video games, pinball, pool, and Foosball.
Avenged Sevenfold Hit Featured In New Video Game Trailer
It's not a surprise to hear that Avenged Sevenfold has been working closely with video game developers Treyarch on a score for the company's new game in the "Call of Duty" line, but another trailer of the most recent release has an older hit from the band as well.
Do You Take Your Smart Phone to the Bathroom?
Here at 4413 82nd St. (AKA the FMX Studios), there are three floors to the building with two bathrooms to every floor. I recently went to the bathroom on the 2nd floor, and as I washed my hands heard some music coming form the stall.
It got me thinking: do people check their social media or use some …

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