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I would say that you should be buying video games on a regular basis anyway since it's a pastime that I and many others enjoy, but this time I've got an even better reason for ya.

It's Pride Month! An entire month out of the year where big corporations pretend to care about LGBTQIA+ folk and then drop it all right when July hits.

On a more serious note, I love the month of June. Just being able to recognize everyone in the community and highlighting acceptance is such a wonderful thing for me. Sadly, Lubbock PRIDE got cancelled again this year, but we can still celebrate in other ways.

Oh, and if you're one of those people who thinks there should be a straight pride month or whatever? Stop reading. Straight people haven't been ridiculed, disowned, literally murdered just for existing in the past few hundred years, so the argument isn't even there.

I'm a happy and proud member of the community myself, so I'm gonna give y'all a highlight on something really cool I read on Polygon.

For just $60, which is already the price of a typical new video game, you can get over 200 indie games made by queer people focusing on queer-related topics. To me, that's sick.

You can check out all the games and even buy them by clicking here.

The Queer Games Bundle aims to give every developer highlighted a livable wage and funding boost, so they can make even better games in the future and won't have to worry about financial struggles while doing so. I don't personally recognize any of the games listed, but honestly a lot of them look really cool, and I'm excited to try them out.

The ones that really piqued my interest were National Park Girls, As We Know It, Pygmalion Lied and I Signed Up To Be The Substitute Familiar Of A Struggling Witch To Pay My Bills And I'm Just Now Realizing What I Got Myself IntoYes, that's the actual title.

And hey, if you don't wanna cough up $60, you can choose the Pay What You Can bundle, too.

So, yeah, let's show our LGBTQIA+ community that we care about them, because I sure as hell do.

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