Another annual event in Lubbock has bitten the dust.

The 2021 Lubbock Pride Festival has decided to punt the event for one more year.

If you haven't been to a Lubbock Pride Festival, it's basically a huge picnic with vendors, entertainment and fellowship. It makes me very proud that Lubbock has such a wonderful event for the entire community. (I especially love the doggies, but I guess that goes without saying.)

Though the event is outside, I can see how a large gathering might not be the best idea because spacing out might still be a problem. Every Pride event I've been to or seen pictures of always features a huge turnout.

I also understand that putting on this event in Lubbock can be at least a little trying, with some unwelcome folks getting involved. That would add to folks mixing it up in a way that might not be for the best.

We're going to cross our fingers for the good folks at Pride and hope that they can start planning a 2022 event.

Here is the press release:

2021 LUBBOCK PRIDE FESTIVAL CANCELLED Getting Properly Vaccinated is Crucial for the Community Lubbock, Texas – May 12. 2021. Lubbock PRIDE has once again made the difficult decision to cancel our annual PRIDE Festival for 2021. After the 2020 Festival was cancelled due to COVID19 concerns, Lubbock PRIDE will cancel the 2021 Festival as well, to continue to protect the health and safety of our community. Even though Lubbock, Texas, and the United States as a whole, are progressing well with vaccinations, we feel there are still concerns with COVID-19 variants and being able to guarantee social distancing without knowing who is fully vaccinated. The Board hopes the community understands their decision and that everyone remains vigilant in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following face covering and social distancing guidelines and getting vaccinated. We believe we still need to allow more time for the community to recover from the effects of the brunt of the pandemic and become comfortable with gathering in large groups again before moving forward. The CDC has only recently recommended that fully vaccinated people can gather in small groups outside without masks. The Board continues to wish Lubbock, the surrounding communities, and their supporters the best as we continue to move towards getting back to more normal living again. Lubbock PRIDE is still actively working to aid and inform the community. We hope that this is the final cancellation of the festival and that we can move into 2022 with a renewed spirit and bring our community the biggest and best PRIDE Festival yet. We ask that all interested parties, whether they be potential attendees, vendors, or sponsors, stay informed of our next steps by following the Lubbock PRIDE social media channels and checking our website. Our goal is to promote equality and increase awareness around issues important to our community. We celebrate the strides our community has taken for acceptance from society, our friends, and family.

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