I'm pretty proud of Lubbock.

The Hub City is pretty much a 'live and let live' kind of place. Yes, there are still some who hold some very backward views, but at least they don't get up in other people's business. Even better, a lot of people have come so far that they don't even pay attention to the small-minded busybodies out there.

The thousands and thousands at Lubbock Pride this past weekend not only dealt with the hot sun on Saturday, but also had to deal with a few protesters.

Apparently, the protesters took time away from what I can only assume is aggressive inbreeding to try to get in someone else's business is beyond me. The thing I love is, these folks have become such a caricature that they were viewed pretty much as a petting zoo of the way ugly people used to behave.

Since Maxey Park is a public park, these homophobes were allowed in the park, and they did set up their little hate camp in the middle of the event. Lubbock law enforcement did an excellent job of keeping them from interacting too much with the attendees (thanks!). Their little pamphlets went straight to the trash, and their commitment wavered in the hot sun; they left in a relatively short time.

My favorite stereotype protester was Runty, he of the rooty-toot-tootin' straw hat variety, who carried a sign quoting Leviticus. Now, something tells me that this particular feller wouldn't use that same sign to protest tattoos and a biker event, or even Lobsterfest at Red Lobster, but when he has a chance to bully gay people, then he's quoting Leviticus and off to his local signmaker.

C. Leblanc
C. Leblanc

So, if all of this ended up being a "non-event" and no one really cared, what am I writing this? Well, these pieces of human excrement went out of their way to try to shame a bunch of people having a picnic in a park and I hope their friends, neighbors, and employers see them for the truly awful people they are.

Yes I know who they are; they are the same clown shoes who do this every year. But I'm not going to give this bigot preacher or his hateful sycophants the honor of mentioning their awful little church. I'm only going to paraphrase Hank Hill and say, "You aren't making gay people better, you're just making Christians seem worse."


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