Have to give credit to the guy for trying, but it didn't work.

If you grew up playing the Grand Theft Auto games like myself. You know when you're running from police the easiest thing you can do is go to paint shop to switch the paint of your and they stop following you IMMEDIATELY. Looks like a man up in Tulsa decided to take this exact logic into the real world.

Looks like yesterday afternoon, Tulsa police pulled over a 'black' Honda Civic for an expired paper tag. After doing some digging into the vehicle, police found out it was a stolen white Honda Civic. According to the arresting officers, the vehicle had been spray painted black very recently and it was also a pretty poor job at doing it according to the officers.

I won't lie, judging from the photo above. It really doesn't look that bad. Don't get me wrong, up close it looks awful. Driving down the highway, I don't think you would notice it going 75. The driver, identified as Willie Steward, told the officer he bought it from a man he met in a park. He said it already had the new paint job when he bought it.

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Steward was arrested and booked into the Tulsa County jail for possession of a stolen vehicle. I am sure the person that had their car stolen will be happy to have it back, but I have a feeling a trip to the paint shop will be order within the next few weeks.

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