I'm a gamer. A loser. A time-waster. A nerd. There are a lot of names for what I am, but a quitter isn't one of them.

Recently, a lot of us got our stimmy from Uncle Joe, myself included. Now that I'm up a little over $1,000 compared to a few days ago, I'm in a spending mood. Normally, I wouldn't have the spare cash to grab something of this caliber, but if the government's gonna just give me money, I'm gonna buy a PlayStation 5.

I missed out last time, but not now:

I missed out on the PlayStation 4. When it came out was around the time I really started getting into PC gaming, and it's still mainly what I do. I didn't really care about the PS4 because most games that come out for consoles are also released for PC, with notable exceptions. And lemme tell ya, those exceptions have been driving me crazy.

I played through God of War 1, 2 and 3 on the PS2 and PS3 and loved them. Then, I hear about this new God of War game for PS4 that everyone just loved and I can't play it. There's also all this talk of Persona 5, which I eventually borrowed my friend's PS4 just to play, and wow. I spent like an entire year just playing Persona games after that. Now, Persona 5 Royal is out and I have no way to play it.

Then, my boy Hideo Kojima, famed Metal Gear Solid creator, releases his huge new game Death Stranding, and even though it came out on PC like a year later, I didn't get to play it. And don't even get me started on Uncharted, The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Red Dead Redemption 2 and all the other stuff that came out for the system.

I'm done sticking to just a PC. It's not going away, by any means, but there are too many games I need to play. Plus, the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with most PS4 games, so why would I ever buy a PS4 when I can get the new console that plays the same games and will even play more games when they come out?

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It just makes sense, and now I've got the money to make everything come together. The only problem...is the stock.

Why I haven't got one yet

You cannot get these damn things anywhere. I have spent multiple hours on various websites waiting and refreshing for the exact moment these things go on sale, and they sell out immediately. I'm not exaggerating, either. Like within three seconds of the link being live, the systems are gone.

Walmart doesn't help matters by not checking for bots on their site, so that means whenever it goes live, a program just immediately orders it and they're all gone. So now some eBay user can sell the thing for $900. I will not stoop to that level. I will not buy secondhand. That's too much dang money.

You can't get 'em in-person locally, you can't get 'em from actual online sellers, and you can't just pre-order them anymore. So what do you do?

Keep trying.

The day will come, my friends, and when it does, you will hear about it. I'm gonna be shouting from the rooftops that I got this god-forsaken video game box. Will it even be worth it? Who knows? But I'm too invested now to even think of quitting.


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