Let's face it every week about this time we all find ourselves looking forward to the weekend again. Especially now that the Mother Freak of Nature seems to have gotten her mood swings under control.

Maybe you're week is going great, but you're tired of being inside working when the weather is so nice outside.

Maybe you're pissed off because your wife made grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner AGAIN for the 12th time in two weeks.

Maybe your co workers have pissed you off by blasting the office with show tunes all week...

I say it's time you blow off that mid week steam and get Pissed Off and Mad About it all! And what better way than with a live rock show with the guys who were bold enough to announce to the world that they too are Pissed Off and Md About it...

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 8, is your chance, get your butts over to the Cactus Courtyard for a live show under the beautiful Texas sky by the one the only Texas Hippie Coalition

Tickets at Ralph's Records and cactuscourtyard.com for $20.00... doors open at 8, music at 9.