A unique and beautiful public sculpture has been stolen from a Lubbock park. I'm so disappointed that my eyes are watering.

Formerly located at Tech Terrace Park on 26th & Flint, the beautiful heart-shaped "balloon" stood behind a bench, which led to countless Lubbock couples grabbing a selfie while enjoying the park. Now, the park is a little less beautiful and joyful.

If the person who stole it did so as a misguided prank or romantic gesture or whatever and would like to make amends, you can drop the sculpture off at our studios (4413 82nd Street, Suite 300) no questions asked and I will return it to the artist.

Chiemsee Hagy
Chiemsee Hagy

According to Shannon Cannings (an incredible artist herself), this piece was created by William Cannings specifically for the park. The piece was dedicated to Major Marjorie, "an elderly neighbor who spent countless hours fighting for the park to remain green, public, and house-free."

The sculpture has survived not only the relentless West Texas weather but several other mishaps and calamities, according to Shannon Cannings:

In twelve years, the pole on the heart has been bent numerous times. It has been pelted with rocks. Will has buffed graffiti from its surface and I have touched up paint on several occasions. The bench exploded when hit by a careless winter driver. It was replaced several years ago.

This sculpture was continually cared for by the artist and loved by many.  It belongs to everyone, and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it for many more years.

If anyone who lives near the park saw something or even caught any footage on their ring cameras, etc., please call the police non-emergency line at 806-775-2865.

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