My friend and coworker Chelsea sent me the link to this video yesterday. It took me a second to realize what was going on. This is from "The Eric Andre Show" on Adult Swim. He ends the show with musical guests, air guitar champions Jeff Allen and Vernon Corteaux.

"OK, so what?" you might be thinking. But then I said to myself, "self! the name Jeff Allen sounds awfully familiar!" That's because its The RockShow's newest BFF in the world, Jeff Allen from "The Car Chasers" on CNBC. Yeah, the guy that runs Flat 12 Gallery on 34th! Rocking some air guitar on Adult Swim! Have some awesome to start your day.

See? Pretty sweet huh? don't believe me about the whole BFF thing? Listen to this you butthole of disbelief!

Car Chasers Pt. 1

Car Chasers Pt. 2

Car Chasers Pt. 3

Told ya we're besties now.

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