Many of you know that I do a podcast about cars and rock stars called Skidmarks Show. We got to visit Las Vegas last November for SEMA 2015, the world's largest car show. This is what it was like.

There are a ton of awesome cars, trucks, one-offs and custom builds -- you name it, SEMA has it. Oh, and girls, too. Hey man, it's Vegas, and it gets crazy! Plus, you can see Jeff and I hosting our show live from the main stage. So get a taste of SEMA in Vegas now because we're going back again this year!

And by the way, if you see it in the video, then yes, I saw it in person in Vegas. Richard Petty? Saw him. Reggie Jackson? Interviewed him in person. And many more...

If you want to hear the episodes we recorded live from SEMA you can download Skidmarks Show free from iTunes or at

Many thanks to PHJ Productions and Joe's Showroom for including us in their video. These guys do awesome work!

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