I'm pretty lucky in that I've made good friends with quite a few people in bands. And when I get to do interviews with guys that are friends its always a better, more interesting interview than the normal ones you might hear.

As I was recording new episodes of my podcast Skidmarks Show with Jeff Allen in July I called my friend George. George is also known as Johnny 3 Tears from Hollywood Undead. He and I have had some really good times hanging out together and he tells me some of the craziest stuff. This interview I did for our most recent episode of the show includes him telling us about shooting the video for "California Dreaming". How the record label found its cheaper to just give them a keg of beer a day than to keep buying bottles of liquor. How they totally freaked out a record label newbie just by being who they are on set. How they almost went to jail in Ukraine. The stories go on and on.

So take a listen to the latest episode of Skidmarks Show. Even if you're not a fan of the band I guarantee you'll get a kick out of the stories George can tell. And don't forget they'll be here in December for a show so I'm sure we'll hear more stories from this current tour, and we just might make some new stories too.

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