I recently cruised up to Oklahoma for the annual Rocklahoma concert weekend. I had media passes which meant I might be able to get some rock star type people to hang out with and do interviews. And I got one that nobody else there did. Well only 2 other people did.

For my podcast Skidmarks Show I made a pilgrimage to the closest rock mecca event I could find. And thankfully I had some very good luck while I was there. I interviewed a ton of artists and got an interview that only 2 other people got, but their interviews suck so I win. For this episode I sat down with  Chris Jericho from Fozzy, the guys from DeD, Neil Sanderson the drummer from 3 Days Grace, and Corey Taylor from Stone Sour and Slipknot. And I don't think we really talked about either of those bands, we literally just talked about random stuff and hung out.

I have to say a huge thanks to Adan from Q Prime who is 3 Days Grace's management for getting me time with them. And of course a huge thanks to Shawn Hamm, their tour manager and my buddy from Neverset for also taking care of business with 3DG, and being a good friend for many years too.

Here's is the latest episode of Skidmarks Show with all of those interviews in one nice little package. Please subscribe to my show on iTunes, Soundcloud, Podbean, or Castbox. It's always free!

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