3 days grace

3 Days Grace Live [PICS]
We've got more pics for you from the legendary John Berry. We're fairly certain that when he dies someone will put his penis in a pickle jar and display it in a museum. Enjoy 3 Days Grace live.
What You Need To Know About Tonight’s Rock Show
Doors- 530 PM
Bullet For My Valentine- 7 -750
Three Days Grace- 815 - 905
Avenged Sevenfold- 935 -1100
Lonestar Events Center 602 E. 19th
Secured Parking (only 800 cars) $5.00 per
Tickets and Will Call at the Box Office
Persons will be searched and patted down as usual
No in and out...
Three Days Grace Reloaded
We like to dig through our archives every now and then a repost some pics from the past. Enjoy these shots of Three Days Grace