WARNING: The following story includes video of violence and bullying.

Fozzy frontman and wrestling icon Chris Jericho has put the call out for action after video has surfaced online of his niece being beaten as bystanders watched on while a fight between two students ensued.

Jericho posted the video to his Twitter account, reaching out to the Hillsborough County Public School District in Tampa Florida, stating, "My niece has been incessantly bullied at #MulrennanMiddleSchool for months. Despite my families pleas, nobody did anything to help … and this was the result a few days ago."

Jericho added that if action wasn't taken, he'd be happy to discuss the matter on the local news stations.

As seen in the video, Jericho's niece is on the ground while being punched and also kicked over the course of the fight. He also told TMZ Sports that his niece is "physically ok. But, mentally she’s hurting."

"She's scared to go to school," he added. "This could've been avoided as the family approached the school a few times prior but nothing was done. We need to spread awareness so that the schools do a better job of protecting our kid's mental health and safety. ALL kids. Not just the ones with famous uncles."

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