Over 80 thousand people have watched and chuckled to themselves over a viral TikTok posted by user @madden_baggerly that shows off the vast scenery and incredible architecture of our city.

My goodness, it sure is beautiful here! Why don't we get more tourists?

After watching this, I realized that I really need to get out more often. I spend way too much time cooped up in my apartment with my cats. I should be out there enjoying the wonders of our bustling city. It's pretty hot though, so feel free to live vicariously through TikTok with me from the convenience of your air-conditioned living room.

If you've never been to Lubbock, buckle up. We've got it all, folks. I think this video pretty much covers the best parts of The Hub City.

Check it out below:

I love the comment section on this. It really hits close to home. Here are some of my favorites:

"OMG was that Broadway???"

"Truly the most beautiful place in Texas."

"Def ave Q."

"I literally just went to all of these places this past week."

"Ughhhh I miss it"

"Omg Wolfforth"

"Wow. Stunning."

"I love the 806!"

"Lubbock's hidden treasure"

"Lubbock is smack dab in the middle of everything cool. If you drive 5 hours in any direction you'll be in a cool place!"

"The gladiator arena in Lubbock is quite good."

"They really upgraded Milwaukee since I left."

"Love how fresh it smells here, and the green grass EVERYWHERE."

There just nothing quite like Lubbock, Texas! Keep scrolling for more silly Lubbock content below, and feel free to email at Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia.com if you've got a funny video to share with the rest of us.

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