Last year, more than 2000 Texans died of fentanyl overdoses. That's 5 deaths a day, including young people and even children. Opioid deaths even surpass auto crashes as the #1 cause of accidental death in the US. It's an epidemic, and every effort must be put in place to stop the distribution of illegal fentanyl. Many people who overdose of fentanyl have no idea they took the drug- as it is frequently used to make counterfeit pills, or is cut into other less deadly street drugs.

With fentanyl overdoses, time is a huge factor in whether the person lives or dies.  Luckily, there is a very effective opioid overdose reversal drug, Narcan, that is easily administered as a nasal spray, even if the person isn't currently breathing. And if the person who is suspected of overdosing is having a different medical emergency, Narcan is harmless. Truly, Narcan is a miracle drug.

Texans can get Narcan for free delivered to their homes, thanks to

We are grateful to be entrusted with the distribution of state funded naloxone in Texas. Since its inception, this program has distributed over 300,000 doses of naloxone to individuals and organizations across Texas, who have in turn, saved thousands of lives.
Sadly, the need for Narcan far outweighs the available supply, so it is important that folks who feel they have a higher chance of witnessing an overdose (and will respond to it) request the medicine. If you have an addicted family member or roommate, or you work with or volunteer with at-risk groups, I feel you should request Narcan.
Narcan does not encourage the use of illegal drugs. It reverses the effects of the drug in the overdosing person, which is extremely unpleasant. After administering the drug, an ambulance should still be called to ensure the safety of the person, and so they can be directed toward recovery programs.
Last year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott reclassified fentanyl deaths as "poisonings" so that distributors of the drugs could be charged with murder. Much other legislation has been put into place to help stop the crisis. In the meantime, we must be vigilant and save as many Texas lives as we can.

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