Psalm 100 says "make a joyful noise unto the Lord," and for me personally, there's no more "joyful noise" than a slick, original, and juicy riff.

YouTuber Andre Antunes is full of joyful noises. He recently combined them with Lubbock-born televangelist Kenneth Copeland's judgment on COVID-19. And it Yes, it actually rules. And as someone who had COVID-19, I can enjoy it getting yelled at by a big-voiced televangelist.

The video starts off adorably as we see Andre get the idea for the
"remix" while playing with who appears to be his daughter. The song itself hits around the 41-second mark.

I expected something funny and akin to this amazing edit of Alex Jones as a Bon Iver song, but this is actually just amazingly heavy and satisfying. "!"

If you love guitar, I highly recommend checking out Andre's entire channel, including this ode to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" in the style of 10 different iconic guitar players including: Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Kurt Cobain, Angus Young, Slash, Brian May (my favorite), Mark Knopfler, Joe Satriani, and Eddie Van Halen.

And not to be that guy, but remember, a great way to condemn COVID-19 is to wear your dang mask, wash your hands and avoid crowds. Trust me, you don't want it. I still can't smell anything, so I'm constantly paranoid I have BO. Don't live that paranoia with me.

Thanks to Robert of Star Comics for sending me this amazing find. 

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