We all have an animal that we relate to in particular. For me, that animal is the raccoon. Like a raccoon, I have giant black eyeliner, am chubby and (arguably) cute while also being a little feral, and I enjoy washing my wee little hands. I also LOVE to eat trash.

Please understand I do not mean trash as a negative- I mean indulgent naughty cheap eats, particularly late at night when you're not supposed to be eating anything, let alone very carb-y calorie-laden food.

Lubbock has plenty of this type of food at our disposal, and while I do okay with what I have (and have maintained my raccoon physique accordingly) I miss having the King of trashy, dare I even say "stoner" food.

Oh, Jack In The Box, don't you remember all those good times we had?


The picture above is the Snoop's Munchie Meal, and it's only for a limited time, so I doubt I'll ever get to have... a taco, a chili dog (EDIT: I have been informed that its actually a chicken sandwich, lol) a brownie, and curly fries? Snoop is some sort of crazed genius wizard to come up with such a seemingly illogical combination.

Jack In The Box is the type of restaurant that dares you to create your own bizarre "recipes". For me, my favorite was egg rolls with taco sauce. It's an absolute taste sensation. Don't get me wrong, I also really loved their tacos (which never looked like the taco in the picture) as well. They taste more like an Allsups burrito than any other taco on the planet, and that was a good thing, especially at 3 a.m.

I've heard rumors as to why Jack In The Box left us in the past. Here's hoping a brave entrepreneur will try this concept in Lubbock again. They might need a broom to shoo off us raccoons, though.

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