Seems like everyday is national something day. National french fry day, national cookie day, national cupcake day, if there isn't a day for you your favorite food, just wait their will be soon. Today however, is the legitimate "national" day... it's National Ice Cream day.

Make no mistake all these national (fill in the blank with your favorite food) day are nothing more than briliiant marketing plans to get us thinking about how great that particular item sound.

Trust me I have a hard enough time resisting the temptation of junk food everyday, I don't need companies bombarding me with images of hot, double fried french fries, or warm cookies to entice me to blow my regular diet in one day.

National ice cream day though, come on, that shouldn't just be a national celebration, it should be a freaking holiday! Who doesn't love ice cream?

Excuse me now, as I have a date with a large smore blizzard...