Get that sweet tooth ready, Lubbock is about to have a new dessert food truck roaming the streets.  

Sweet Loop is a local, family-owned food truck serving up Mexico City-style churros and ice cream. Their page not only caught my eye because I love churros (who doesn’t?), but the stylized churro loop on top of the ice cream looks so fun.  

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Based on their Facebook posts, they are planning to open in a couple of weeks. They have already posted their menu, so you can browse those options on their page. Along with the churro and ice cream combos, you can buy the churros by themselves in packs of six or eight.  

They are also planning to have an ice cream of the week that isn’t already on the main menu. They announced that the special flavor for their opening week will be mango with chamoy. If you are a fan of classic Mexican flavors like I am, then this seems like a must-try. 

Lubbock has a few different food trucks out there that also specialize in cold sweet treats. Some of these other trucks include Kurbside Sweets, The Frozen Tumbleweed, and Frios Gourmet Pops. Kurbside specializes in ice cream sandwiches, The Frozen Tumbleweed makes Italian ice, and Frios makes gourmet popsicles.   

Sweet Loop may be similar in the sense of selling ice cream, but I think the Mexico City flare with the churros and other Mexican flavors will definitely set them apart. I am interested to see when they officially open and go give them a try.

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