Congratulations on your recent move to Texas! 

I, like, most Texans, don't really love the huge influx to our state (y'all are making housing less affordable, and adding to traffic) but Texans are a hospitable sort, so you're likely to be welcomed with open arms to your new community anyway.

Can I just ask that you not LARP* as a Texan right away, please? You're embarrassing yourself. Or as the kids would say, it's cringe.

*Live Action Role Playing. You know, like a nerd. 

Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash
Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash

I recently saw on r/Texas a particularly cringe example of this, in the form of a ridiculous letter left on a car windshield. It's a slog, so I'll paraphrase. A person who has lived in Texas for a year is telling the owner of a car with New York license plates how to vote, how to think, and basically giving them the what-for, for no dang reason. The most obnoxious part is that they are claiming to know how Texas works.

Here's the thing: a real Texan would not be that incredibly rude, presumptuous, or jump to such giant conclusions. Touching someone else's car without permission is rude. Assuming how other people are politically inclined is presumptuous and you're making a big logic jump by thinking just because someone has NY plates they are moving here- what about visiting family and friends, you know, like Texans and ex-Texans tend to do?

Also, the letter doesn't have a single "y'all" in it, so we know this person is a total Texas poser.

Again, welcome to Texas. Go ahead and buy yourself some boots. But one of the best things you can do to be authentically Texan is to have great manners, y'all.

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