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Over the past few years of chaos, there are a few things that have remained consistent. One of those being the price of Arizona iced tea cans. You know, the big cans of tea that you can find at every convenience store? Somehow, despite inflation, production costs increasing and more, Arizona Beverages has kept its promise for 30 years, pricing their big cans at only 99 cents.

If you're a frequent Arizona tea drinker, then you're probably familiar with that price being printed on the cans. Along the top of the can, there has always been a 99 cent price tag labeled on the drink. This was done purposefully by company founder Don Vultaggio to ensure that vendors never make customers pay more than that price.

Despite the obvious label, some vendors have gone against Vultaggio's wishes, pricing the cans higher than 99 cents. If you ever come across a store that does this, you should call Arizona Beverage’s support and report the vendor. Arizona Beverages does not stand for this and will no longer stock its product with these vendors if they try to mark up their cans.

Don't let anyone try to scam you. Arizona iced tea always has been and always will be 99 cents. The only exception is if you find the drink in another country where the product will be marked differently to reflect conversion rates. For example, buying an Arizona iced tea in Canada will cost $1.29 in Canadian dollars, but that still equals 99 cents in U.S. dollars.

Don't get scammed. Arizona iced tea should only ever be marked at 99 cents.

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