The Noodle Tree Ramen Restaurant in San Antonio was vandalized with racist comments spray-painted in bright red paint all over the front of the building, according to photos shared by S.A. Foodie on Facebook.

The graffiti on the front of the restaurant said things like "No Mask," "Go Back 2 China," "Kung Flu Commie," "Hope U DIE" and "Ramen noodle Flu."

Phrases on the front of the building appear to be in reference to COVID-19 originating in China. This display is only one small instance of Asian hate crimes we have seen in the media since the pandemic began.

Jennifer Chen, an Asian-American journalist, told NPR last month that the United States has seen a massive influx in Asian-American hate crimes over the course of the pandemic -- 2,800 cases in one year, almost half of which happened in the state of California.


Our former president refused to stop calling COVID-19 the "China Virus," placing the blame for the global pandemic squarely upon China. Many view him as highly responsible for the actions some of his followers have taken on his behalf throughout his presidency. They were certainly not persuaded by him to be peaceful. In fact, quite the opposite.

In spite of the horrific violence and harassment that's targeted the Asian community over the last year, some people still find a way to absolve him and some of his supporters of wrongdoing. Willful ignorance has created a barrier of hate between people that may have otherwise been friends.

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Remember to support our friends in the Asian community. Research false information online. Fact check articles before you share them.

And quit being a dick.

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