Our bros in Ill Nino have released a brand new video for "Live Like There's No Tomorrow" and you can check it our here and if you pay attention to the mic stand Cristian Machado has it is the pentagram mic stand that the late Dave Williams of Drowning Pool had that was given to Cristian when Dave Williams passed.

"Live Like There's No Tomorrow" is taken from Ill Nino's new album "Til Death, La Familia" which is in stores right now and you have got to have this album in your rotation.

We had a blast with our bros in Ill Nino when they were in Lubbock early last week and just like I said it was a great show live and if you missed it then you will have to wait until August 9th in Dallas at the Mayhem Festival to see them!

Checkout the new video from Ill Nino and grab their new album "Til Death, La Familia" in stores now.

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