2014 was a pretty sick year for music all around. This past year I experienced music that inspired, melted my face and reminded me just how much I love music. This isn't a countdown in any way. My favorite albums are just that my personal favorites. I won't do ya wrong though, these should be in rotation. So, don't be scared there is something for everyone here, from death metal, country crunk, cut throat rock and roll all the way to latin metal.

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    IV Part II (Released May 13, 2014)

    I never really was a Down fan, there music has always been hit or miss with me but Down's "IV - Part II" grabbed me and just pulled me in. When I heard the track "We Knew Him Well..." it prompted me to give guitarist Pepper Keenan a call and give him some serious props for the albums riffs and just how heavy disgusting those riffs were.

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    Constricting Rage Of The Merciless (Released June 8th 2014)

    I don't have to try to break this album down and tell you why this is one of favorite album's like other critics will do to justify why an album is on their list. "Constricting Rage Of The Merciless" is a sick album from Goatwhore who continue to never let me down with their NOLA Reping - Biscuit Whipping - Black Metal Waving - onslaught of everything and that is why I love this album from Goatwhore. We didn't get to have Goatwhore return to Lubbock this year but I am looking forward to seeing them in the new year.

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    Demon Hunter

    Extremist (Released March 18th, 2014)

    Was such a huge album from Demon Hunter which saw success not only from fans but from all sides of the music table. Being a Christian Band is hard enough and in the times we live in where everything that you do is being watched and judged Demon Hunter still continues to bring inspiration to those that are looking for it. Demon Hunter gave us an album in 2014 that is one of their best to date and to have my name attached to that album in the liner notes is unbelievable with I am very stoked to see what 2015 holds for my bro's in Demon Hunter.

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    Benton Blount

    (Various Releases on iTunes 2014)

    Benton Blount is singer/song writer that I discovered this past year when he needed to make a stop in Lubbock and bring his style and take on country/rock music. My bros Yogi Watts and Patrick Judge gave me the heads up on Benton Blount to see if we couldn't get together and score a gig for Benton Blount. When Benton Blount performed for the crowd in The Backroom at Jake's, we saw one of the best performances of 2014. Since he didn't have a official release in 2014 but he did release tracks throughout the year, Benton Blount makes my list for 2014. Plus myself and Ronnie Eaton got to jump up on stage and throw down Rage Against The Machine. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for our bro Benton Blunt.

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    Ill Nino

    Til Death, La Familia (Released July 25th 2014)

    The crafty veterans of Latin Metal and all around hustlers Ill Nino released their 7th studio album "Til Death, La Familia" and to describe this album it was a reminder that Ill Nino hadn't gone anywhere and can still produce some very sick and heavy tracks. 2014 also saw Ill Nino added to The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival over the Summer which was the first time Ill Nino was a part of that lineup. Ill Nino also made a stop in Lubbock during that run and would set up would be an epic night. One of my favorite tracks off their latest album is "Payaso"  and is featured as the theme song for "El Gallo Negro" who is my wrestling superstar alter ego. If there is a band out there that continues year after year to prove critics wrong and still bring in new fans, Ill Nino is set to yet again whip 2015 a new one!

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    .5: The Gray Chapter (Released October 21, 2014)

    After the passing of bassist Paul Gray and the very public and still in question departure of drummer Joey Jordison along with the addition of a fill in bass player and drummer that still haven't been officially confirmed, Slipknot put together their 5th studio album. All I can say is this about The Gray Chapter is this, If Slipknot gave us anything less than what The Gray Chapter is, it would have been a failure. Slipknot silenced all with this release and to those that still complain that this release could have been better or they are disappointed for whatever reason they are obviously out of touch to any kind of reality.

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    Die Without Hope (Released March 3rd, 2014)

    I can think of growing up as a kid and wanting to be a rockstar, playing guitar in front of thousands and thousands night after night and having all kinds of money to spend on whatever I wanted. Through the years in Radio I have learned that that couldn't be farther from the truth. I have seen countless bands having to stop making music and get "real jobs" to get by in life and when I heard that Carnifex went on a "suspended state of animation" back in 2012, I was pretty sad to see one of my favorite bands having to step away from music. We never knew the details on why but Carnifex was just as unsure about their future as we the fans were. The announcement came in the Summer of 2013 that Carnifex had signed with Nuclear Blast and they would be working on a new album. "Die Without Hope" is a album that for me as a fan, was something that might never had been. It was yet another reminder to me of the importance of buying the bands music you love as well as supporting them live. You just never know when they will have to step back.


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    Cannibal Corpse

    A Skeletal Remain (Released September 16th, 2014)

    Cannibal Corpse released their 13th studio album "A Skeletal Remain" and from front to back this is such a great album from the death metal veterans. Say what you will about death metal or Cannibal Corpse, when it comes to some of the most talented musicians Cannibal Corpse can't be over looked. They continue to raise the bar not only for themselves with each album released they make it look so easy. So go ahead and say whatever you want, as loud as we blast Cannibal Corpse, we couldn't hear you anyway.

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    Suicide Silence

    You Can't Stop Me (Released July 14th, 2014)

    When Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker tragically lost his life to a motorcycle wreck in 2012, the news literally brought the metal world to a level that we never want to go back. When it was announced that former All Shall Perish front man Eddie Hermida would take over for Mitch, there were very different opinions, that is until you either saw them live or grabbed the new album "You Can't Stop Me" which is a very fitting title in my opinion. I can't imagine the pressure that the entire group was under but I can only see that failure was not an option and this album was the jump start that we all needed.


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    Motionless In White

    Reincarnate (Released September 16th, 2014_

    From the very first time I saw Motionless In White, I have seen them continue to climb and climb becoming this machine of everything that makes heavy music awesome. "Reincarnate" is no different, hearing front man Chris Motionless continue to push his vocals giving us a all around sound that is sick. This is a great album from a band that will continue to impress rise to the top of heavy music.

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    Hater (Radio Add June 19th, 2014 And iTunes July 1st, 2014)

    I am not a fan of seeing bands that release an album and then turn around and put together a "Deluxe Edition" that comes with a few b side tracks that didn't make it on the release because well there was a reason. Being a Korn fan for years and years when "The Paradigm Shift" came out in October of 2013 I was really digging the sound the track "Love & Meth" is just so good the album was all around pretty good. When I heard "Hater" it took me a bit longer to dig the track but when it did finally hit me I just couldn't get enough and when you throw in seeing Korn live and them doing "Love & Meth" and "Hater" live it just adds to the Korn experience.

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    Something Supernatural (Released October 27th, 2014)

    We first got to see Crobot throw it down for us at The FMX Big Purple Party and we were all blown away by the performance all we needed was a album and we would be set. "Something Supernatural" is a straight up cut throat rock and roll album that just keeps going all the way through. We got to see Crobot take the stage in The Backroom this past year as well and I'm telling ya these bros are the real deal paying respect to a lost art form and that is straight up rock and roll.


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