It's stupid hot in Texas this summer, and floating the river is always a cool idea. And the rivers have actually gotten better over the years. It's more fun to float with more stuff to do now.

First off, let me just say that in Texas we don't go tubing. We float the river. It's what we do. Anyone can go tubing on a lake, or a pool or something. But here, especially when it comes to the Comal or the Guadalupe Rivers, we float 'em, not go tubing. Get it right.

But everything else in this video is pretty spot on. So grab some friends and a cooler, or your family and some snacks, and head south the Austin-San Antonio-New Braunfels area for the coolest thing to do in a hot Texas summer. Float the river.

Here's a map picture from Google showing lots of tubing businesses for a good time.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Use that picture and these map directions to the general area for great tubing starting points on both the Comal and the Guadalupe (pronounced gwa-duh-loop for Texans).

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